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Britain - a country where it's normal for old men to stand outside the pub having a fag; straight men like sex with a fanny; engines are found under a bonnet; da hood is on the back of da coat; big booty goes on your big foot; dogging doesn't involve any canines; getting a good fisting means pain not pleasure; randy will never be a boys name; and we really love bums.
fag = cigarette, fanny = vagina, bonnet=car hood, dogging=outdoor group voyeur sex, fisting=punch, randy=aroused, bums=ass. Britain, Britain, Britain
by Big Mr B October 25, 2009
Daft clumsy oaf of the strawberry blond, barley beige or carrot top hair colouring. The kind of person that had a lot of stones thrown at them when they were a kid.
Chris Evans, Paul Scholes, Geri Haliwell, Darren Brookes, Mick Hucknall, Anne Robinson these are all Ginger Dwarf types
by Big Mr B October 25, 2009
(Noun) : Unfortunate male name often given to male babies who look under-nourished and . . . . well. A bit weak and feeble.
Dad - "This is my son. He's Keir."
Dad's friend - "Oh that's a shame. But as long as he's happy. His Mum will still love him."
by Big Mr B October 25, 2009
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