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The use of several drugs either in succession or at one time to achieve a certain effect; most drug abusers are polydrug abusers.
I just wasn't getting the high I wanted from the weedso I laced it with coke. Dude,you're a polydrug abuser! Right on!
#drug #drugs #addiction #cocaine #laced
by Big Momma Stanley September 22, 2010
addiction caused by medical treatment (e.g., liberal use of opiate analgesics in a hospital setting or by a physician that leads to opiate addiction).
I went in for back surgery and they kept giving me morphine. Now that I was sent home they gave me a prescription for OxyContin. I just can't seem to stop taking them. Now my doctor says that I have iatrogenic addiction. WTF am I supposed to do now?
#drugs #addiction #prescription #opiates #oxycontin
by Big Momma Stanley September 22, 2010
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