2 definitions by Big Milz

A word used to describe a person who is a complete and utter douche, who repeatedly keeps swearing at others, and are ashamed of being homosexual. Kapil can also be used to describe a person who keeps putting themselves down and neglect most social interaction.
I tried to set up my friend a date with my other mate, but both of them are kapils.

My brother hardly ever goes out, he is such a complete kapil.
by Big Milz September 29, 2011
A homosexual person who is rude to women because of it. These people also suffer from erectile dysfunction and are also incapable of making up their minds nor are able to tell or finish a story properly. Hardiks are also notorious for being mentally and physically slow.
Don't be rude to her, don't be a hardik.

Are you having trouble coping with your hardik.

Hurry up and finish what your saying, it's not like you're a hardik.

To say that person's reaction time is a hardik is an understatement.
by Big Milz September 29, 2011

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