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an ugly girl who is left standing around in nightclubs until twenty to two, when some-one is finally desparate or drunk enough to pull her
She might have been a right twenty to two but she was filthy!
#shelfhanger #nightclub #sleaze #ugly #filthy
by Big Daddy Cash August 13, 2008
verb, noun, the process of being entershamed, ie enjoying a solitary activity which would be shameful if exposed to a wider audience.
Charles was entershaming himself rubbing the corgy's food into his member when suddenly in walks her maj.
#entershamement #enterstaining #rigor morish #queening #shame
by Big Daddy Cash December 15, 2009
noun, the joyous feeling of doing something (normally alone) you know you should be ashamed of, for example watching Pets Do The Funniest Things or laughing like a drain when a little girl falls down & cuts her knee.
David walked into the bedroom to find a surprised Victoria dancing in her pants in front of the mirror singing The Final Countdown into a deodorant can at the top of her voice.
David; "Now that's entershamement!"
#entershaming #enterstainment #shame #rigor morish #beckham
by Big Daddy Cash December 15, 2009
A man who waits in bars particularly so he can pull the twenty to twoers as he knows he has no chance to pull any-one decent looking. he i sso called as he hangs on for girls that would other wise be 'left on the shelf'
I think that shelfhanger is waiting on you, you ugly bitch
#shelf hanger #twenty to two #on the shelf #ugly #reject #nightclub #sleaze
by Big Daddy Cash August 13, 2008
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