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A driver who continually endangers the lives of passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, and themselves by accelerating to reach an orange light.
Man, look out! That amber bandit nearly took you down. What a douche!
by Big Boys Socks February 23, 2011
Where you’re double teaming a lady friend with another guy, one guy at each end (commonly known as a spit roast, or pig on a spit) you stick your thumb up your own ass (DTT - drop the thumb). You go for a high five with the other guy, missing the offered hand on purpose, and stick your thumb in his mouth.
What happened last night?

Benny and I met up with this crazy chick, went to back to her room. While we were spit-roasting her, I hammered Benny with an Acapulco Mudslide.

No way?!

Way. Dude nearly vomited on the back of her head.
by Big Boys Socks January 18, 2012
Pertaining exclusively to stoners, who spend their spare time couch surfing due to the sedative nature of their smokings.
Man, Mike is All toke, no action these days.

Yeah, he oughta give it a rest for a while - he's frying his brain.
by Big Boys Socks February 23, 2011
A vagina.
Man. I so wanna bury my corpse in that beef coffin!
by Big Boys Socks November 12, 2011

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