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The result of not using a baby wipe after taking a dump.
I hate it when I run out of baby wipes. I end up with a burnt onion ring!
#ass #baby wipes #burnt #onion #ring
by Bent Rod December 03, 2010
The sound your dick makes when you remove it from an ass.
The "popping" sound I heard, like a cork being pulled out of a bottle, when I pulled my brown cork out of her ass.
#cork #brown #ass #anal #sex #dick
by Bent Rod December 03, 2010
The shit that gets stuck between your toes after toe-fucking a girl in the ass
Dude, I toe fucked this bitch in the ass and after, I looked at my foot and there was toe jam between my toes.
#toe #shit #ass #bitch #fucking
by Bent Rod May 30, 2011
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