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2 definitions by Benin6man

Serenesque : adjective
Pronounciation : (seh-re-nesk)

Definitions :
1. Any woman who has a body type somewhat similar to the body type of the talented Ms. Serena Williams.

2. A female body type that can be considered thick, shapely yet muscular.

3. A portmanteau of Serena(from Serena Jameka Williams) and Statuesque. Seren + esque.

4. A female body type that consists of larger breasts, larger asses yet retains a level of muscle tone.

5. An attractive woman who has a large frame, very curvy body but a noticeable amount of muscle mass and or muscle definition.

6. A noticeably very massive, athletic yet curvaceous woman. Usually athletes.

7. "Thick" and "Swole" at the same time. ;-)

8. Female athlete who is noticeably thicker and larger than the average woman. Sometimes even thicker and larger than other female athletes.

Synonyms : Amazon, Amazonian, Fitness Competitor, Figure Competitor, Athletic, Statuesque, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Thick, Swole, Rubenesque, Brolic, Brick-house, Sturdy, Bootylicious, Well-built, Strong, Badunkadunk, Herculean, Olympian, Titanic

Antonyms : Dainty,Tiny,Short,Mini,Diminutive,Stringy,Slim, Skinny,Weak,Delicate,Frail,Small,Flabby,Little,Small

Other women who would be considered Serenesque are Jill Mills, Lenda Murray, Venus Williams, Dana Linn Bailey, Cassandra Floyd, Monica Martin, Angela Bassett
1. "My, that woman is quite "serenesque". Is she a bodybuilder or something? She is so pretty!"

2. "These fitness models are all serenesque as hell"

3. Dude A ; "I can't quite put my finger on it. They look good as hell. It's like they all muscle but still kinda thick at the same time or somethin'.

Dude B ; "I'd call them serenesque. You mean like thick and muscular right?

Dude A ; "Yep. Like thick and muscular. That's it.

Dude B ; "Yep. They're definitely serenesque fo' sho'"
by Benin6man June 07, 2011
19 4
The MANY bad definitions and failed words created and published on this site.

Many of these can be seen on this site.

Much of the time the word and definition are not a word or definition at all. They're

A. Something about sex.
B. Something about how much they hate religion.
C. Something racist.
D. A conjunction of words without an understanding of phonetics or language or
E. Something that makes not even a modicum of sense but get's posted anyway because some people want to express themselves with nothing creative, original or intelligent to express.
God,Several Joint Liability,black,black people,prolebrity,Lap Hog,dorkus malorkus,woman are examples of (FUDD)Failed urban dictionary definitions.
by Benin6man January 02, 2013
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