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3 definitions by BenBisley

A slice on the mat is a Second War British term. It signifies the eager anticipation of a serviceman returning home on leave; as his woman opens the door they can't even wait to get to the bedroom, and have sex there and then, on the mat, just inside the door. It is still used.
I hadn't seen her for three months, and when I turned up she immediately gave me a slice on the mat. She did remember to close the door, though. . .
by benbisley July 21, 2010
a woman's long, loose undergarment: a shift. Pronounced shimmy. Probably a corruption of the French word chemise.
Angela sat next to the wood-stove, drinking coffee. She was wearing a white chimmie. She looked good, and didn't she just know it.
by benbisley February 01, 2009
To release your frustration and powerlessness by snapping at an innocent person or creature who just happens to be handy. Usually following a bad day at work.
1. The Chief Executive bawled out the manager, and the manager bawled me out. Boy, when I got home I wanted to kick the cat.

2. 'So, Sam, you've had a lousy day at work: I'm sorry, but don't take it out on me just because you can't take it out on your boss: don't kick the cat.
by BenBisley March 04, 2008