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A geniune Breakfast of Champions (Here on reffered to as B.o.C) is an un-orthodox, usually unhealthy meal in the late morning/early afternoon. A typical breakfast could be bacon and eggs, toast, cereal etc whereas a B.o.C would be potato chips, coca-cola and your regular crappy food. It is reffered to as a B.o.C because it will set you up for the day to accomplish any given task fluently and at the adequate level of a CHAMPION.
Duder 1: Hey! The way you kicked that trash can was AMAZING! What have you eaten for breakfast??

Champion: Today bretheren, My morning meal consisted of half a pound of flour, three cans of Dr Pepper (Cherry) and enough pretzels to ensure I could kick any trash can with ease.

Duder 2: Wow! That is most definately a Breakfast of Champions !
by Ben McSex December 20, 2011

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