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Eurotrash are exclusive to wealthy states of continental Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Austria). They gained their title from back-packing on low budgets around Americanised countries displaying poor hygiene and nothing but contempt for Americanised media, politics and public services. Hence the title Eurotrash with (reference white-trash). Eurotrash can be found touring the USA, Australia and South East Asia by use of youth hostels and often hitch-hiking. To confirm that a tourist is indeed 'Eurotrash' the indevidual must be ingaugeing in weak liberal protest like complaining about Bush, the imperial system, universal health care, nuclear dumpage e.t.c. Or they will be dicussing the latest Cairns Film Festival award winner, art exhibition or possible legalisation of heroin.
Get out of our county you ingrate eurotrash.
by Ben Fake May 03, 2005

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