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Tapping together all remote controls into one super remote.
The Megatron... Sky remote; Tv remote; Dvd remote; Video remote; Stereo remote inclusive. Best to use duct tape.

Says Sofa Masturbators Not Urban Freewheelers

<See Peep Show S5:Ep1>

Kyle: The Megatron!
by Ben Darling May 19, 2008
1. A Euphemism for a Jizzing Cock

2. Semen frozen in the form of a lolly pop. (Often served to Mother in Law as some form of prank punishment.)
1. Stace: I fancy an ice cream
Kyle: Have a suck on my Jizz Lolly

2. Mother in Law: Why don't you get a real job?

Kyle: I'm very sorry mo in larw; would you care for a lolly pop? Im just about to make some.
by Ben Darling May 19, 2008

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