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A woman who makes her advancement in life by using questionable and amoral means. She may use financial, emotional and sexual deceits.
Adeline of Headington was a Victorian adventuress who bankrupted several prominent men. She then watched their plight with some amusement.

Bridget (Linda Fiorentino) in 'The Last Seduction' is the ultimate modern adventuress. She will murder to achieve her ends.
by Ben Bisley March 25, 2008

to place someone in an awkward or unpleasant situation by guile or deceit; to play emotional games with someone prior to letting them down.
*sighs* "I have been waiting here on this park bench for two hours, and she hasn't turned up. I guess I've been set up."
by Ben Bisley March 08, 2010
A state of mind, where deep but incoherent thought comes wordlessly. A lonely mental abstraction; not necessarily gloomy but often so. When you emerge from a brown study it is often difficult to remember what you have been thinking about.
Amanda looked out at the rain and the leaden sky. She was alone. At times like this she was prone to quote melancholy poetry and then fall into a brown study.
by Ben Bisley April 13, 2008
A British term used to rebuke a small boy who takes favours and presents for granted without giving appropriate thanks: also used after other discourtesies. Usually used by his mother.
Lady Muck is the feminine equivalent.
Mother] Alex, say thank-you when I give you your sandwiches. Who do you think you are: Lord Muck?

Mother] Alice, don't just sit there like Lady Muck when you can see I need a hand with passing round the plates.
by Ben Bisley July 27, 2008
An objectionable or ineffective person who continually refers to their own aristocratic ancestry in order to gain social kudos. They do not see how boring this is. No-one knows (or cares) how truthful they are.
Oh, no, it's Jane the aristoprat: she's always going on about the fact that she's a direct descendent of William the Conqueror. Let's go.
by Ben Bisley April 02, 2008
A spiteful exchange between two enemies each of whom seeks to injure the other.

It can be physical or verbal.
After a boundary dispute the croquet game degenerated into a needle-match.

It was clear across the hotel dining room that Rebecca and Susan were part-way through a needle-match. And I knew who would win. Susan was no match for Rebecca, with her mental agility and mordant wit.
by Ben Bisley September 16, 2008
A British slang term signifying hard luck or misfortune. Usually used humorously; also used to needle.
I say! My daughter Estella has run off with a blacksmith's boy!

Well, tough puppy, Miss Havisham.
by Ben Bisley June 27, 2008

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