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Someone who fails at something horribly. Usually when it used plainly its means your fail at life. although its usually used as a adjective to describe someone's ability at something. Such as a sport or video game.
Bello is not real! Which means he fails at life.

Manhattan College is NOT REAL which means manhatatn college fails at teaching/being a college.
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by Bellonotreal March 30, 2009
adj- used to express fail of something or someone. Usually expressed after witnessing a act of a fail or recalling the act of a fail. Usually done by saying the name of the place, event or person then abruptly shouting "DIRT!" thus expressing the fail upon the victim(s).

Can sometimes be used to just break the silence of a conversation and not really be directed at anyone
Example one:
"Wow did you see that horrible serve? Wow! Bello! DIRT!"

Example two:
"ummm... BELLO! DIRT!"

Example three:

Yeah my dad said I couldn't go tonight. My dad. DIRT!

Example four:

Bello- man its boring
Evan- yeah
Bello- Hey evan come closer i have to tell you something
Evan- What?
Bello- DIRT!

Example five:

Abe- DIRT!
*everyone laughs*
*conversation starts up again*

#fail #dirt #dirty #insults #not real #school #college #funny #coversation #lol #lmao #rofl
by bellonotreal April 01, 2009
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