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Somewhere else. Not here, and not exactly there. Just away. Off in the distance. An ambiguous direction.

Extremely useful as an identifier of destinations the directions to which you're a bit too tired and emotional to recall. Also good when you have no knowledge of said destination.
"So where's the house party?"
"Oh, you know (hic), it's, like ... yonderwards."

"Those two were making out in the corner a second ago, where'd they go?"
by Beezling September 08, 2007

1. An empathetic emphasizer; a rhetorical device to express both understanding and agreement; an encouragement.

For people too lazy to agree with someone in more than a single word. Also, when something is so obvious or apparent that you can ask "right?" in reasonable certainty that no one will disagree.
"This administration's policies are giving me Irritable Bowel Syndrome."
"I know, right?"

"I think you deserve better than that guy."
by Beezling September 08, 2007
Toward or towards the bar. Moving in the direction of the nearest licensed public house for the purposes of consuming unseemly quantities of alcohol.
"Hey, which way did Heather go?"

"I'm pretty sure she headed barward"

"You mean barwards?"

"I don't know."
by Beezling December 13, 2009
Being so confident of a victory that one completely ignores one's competitor, allowing the competitor to ram a red-hot steel crowbar up one's ass and seeing what one can drag out.
"How did Brown win the election?"
"Because Coakley got Coakleyed."

"Dude, that chick was totally into you, how'd she go home with that other guy?"
"I figured she wanted me and was paying too much attention to the pool game, and I got totally Coakleyed."
by beezling January 20, 2010

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