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36 definitions by Beavis II

The mouth of a compulsive liar, as to imply that nothing but shit comes out of it.
Shut your face anus, Bob.
by Beavis II April 11, 2012
4 7
The aftermath of an extensive sodomy session when the anus becomes so loose it's like having sex with a bowl of porridge.
Ah, ah I'm a plate of porridge
by Beavis II January 14, 2011
11 15
A session of sexual intercourse where one or both parties are performing flat out.
Last night I was going for gold with that chick I hooked up with the other night.
by Beavis II January 10, 2012
2 9
What you'd say when describing your birthday.
Next week will be the 30th anniversary of my uterus eviction.
by Beavis II October 30, 2011
3 11
an affectionate term for the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC.
Acca Dacca is the greatest Aussie band of all time, no doubt about it.
by Beavis II January 26, 2009
33 46
an alcoholic.
Man, I'm such a piss tank.
by Beavis II January 24, 2009
25 41
A mentally deficient person.
Look at that guy. He looks like a bit of a dudley.
by Beavis II October 27, 2011
32 54