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A theoretical act of self pleasure, often described as masturbation squared, or F=M^2. Can also describe intense masturbation, or simple everyday masturbation for hyperbolic effect. The word is simply a contraction of the slang term 'fap' and the word 'masturbation'.
"My parents just caught me fapsturbating to skinemax, no tv for a week."
"Man, that's harsh. They always say fapsturbation is a sin, but we know everyone does it."
by BeardedJustice November 08, 2011
A sex position in which the recieving partner is suspended from the floor by one leg, which is tied to the ceiling or a ceiling mounted structure, the other leg being tied or wieghted to the floor. The penetrating partner uses all limbs to cling to the recieving partner and inserts the penis into the navel. In this position both partners proceed to defecate, the penetrating partner loudly repeating the phrase, "I am mighty pharaoh!"
double dirty egyptian corkscrew
by BeardedJustice July 14, 2011
Pronounced "6 outta 9" A sex position similar to the 69, except that each partner defecates into the other's mouth. Common sense would dictate that each dot represents a turd being consumed by one of the partners, but the position is represented as such do to the 6 and 9 being separated by a colon, a clever play on words as well as poignant symbolism.
"Can you believe I have to pay an escort $1200 for a 6:9 these days?"
by BeardedJustice November 15, 2011

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