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It is a cruel an inexplicably twisted method of torture or violence of a sexual nature.

It is performed with the following elements:
1: Tabasco Sauce
2: Telephone
3: and..The Anus

This method is thought to have originated from Texas due to the food used.
"This man ratted out some rapist..and 3 years later he was tortured with the dreaded Texas Chilli Bowl."
by Bazwalt/Andrew Bale April 15, 2006
1. The physical embodiment of rofl in delicious muffin form.

2. Alternative to the plain/boring rofl used in internet conversations. Sometimes confusing when seen for the first time among those not proficient in leet.
MSNNerd1: I got a drug raid today.
MSNNerd2: roflmuffins
MSNNerd1: wtf ?
by Bazwalt/Andrew Bale April 13, 2006
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