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the single thing in life of the new generation should respect but fails to do so. they call their parents a bitch because they want them home call their parents a bitch who jut bought them their 100 dollar shoes but doesn't give them 10 bux. calls these parents a bitch because these parents bathed you gave birth to you nurtured and would hesitate to die for you but set a couple of house rules. yeah some good kids this new generation look at yourselves in the mirror and when ur parents leave this world who's gonna be left for you to call a bitch for taking care of you
yeah dawg my mom juts got me these shoes they cost $160.00 bucks but shes a bitch cuz she won't give me 5 bux
by Battlegrounds baller March 02, 2005
an incredible player that just entered the NBA last season and won rookie of the year. Overhyped before he entered the NBA but has been able to back himself up as a team player and as an individual carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Playoffs with the help of Zydonis Illgauskas of course.
Lebron James is an incredible player don't get me wrong, but what was wrong was comparing him to Jordan - that crossed the lin of hype.
by Battlegrounds baller March 02, 2005

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