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What women in those goddamn Herbal Essences commercials have.
*woman is washing hair*
"Oh! OH! OH!!"
by Batmiles December 11, 2005
The feeling of longing for something, some great wonderful or exciting thing or event, without knowing what that thing is, or how to quell the feeling. Usually accompanied by either a near-total lack of energy or the presence of frantically aimless and possible self-destructive hyperactivity. Generally hangs around for a day to a couple weeks and makes everything kind of awful; very rarely is it resolved in a satisfying manner.

Originally referred to a blue cake seen on Star Trek: Voyager. (Making that cake and then eating it doesn't help cure the feeling.)
Oh man, I have Blue Cake Syndrome something awful today.
You're blue caking too, huh? I blame the weather.
by Batmiles March 21, 2011
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