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1) Person with incredible propensity for throwing a spanner in the works.

2) Also referred to as Danda drawing from the Hindi word for bamboo or stick
3) Person of dark complexion, aerodynamic physique, inexistent profile and human-flight-capability. Such a person is known to refer to his penis as The Dark Knight
a. John: We were having a good game of basketball till Adam came along and took a dump on the ball and then dragged his ass across the court leaving shit-stains all over
Bob: He just did a Bhargav

b. Question: What does Bhargav say when he sees - (i) a female buffalo's ass (ii) a palm tree with a hole in its bark (iii) a black bowling ball?
Answer: "The Dark Knight Rises"
by BartkilledArchimedes August 01, 2012

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