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East Moline is a multi racial town of about 20 thousand. crackers live aboove the hill in the nice houses, and the spicks and black people live below the hill in the once nice, now shitty houses. Below the hill is called "watertown". i have no idea why though. there is always a billion fucking cops anywhere in this town. so dont fuckin speed or try and run or kill someone. u will get caught. the high school is called United Township(aka UT) and you cannot spell slUT without UT. in this shit hole of a town.there is almost nothing fun to do. you can walk around aimlessly and most likely end up at mcdonalds, drink underage or in the summer go to willow springs(pool). East moline is boring as fuck but its cool still. u meet some ghetto ass kids that teach the rich white boys how to smoke pot or chug a bottle. eventually everyone just hangs and drinks together. there are two catholic schools that merged that no one knows about even in that town. your an outcast if you go there. umm idk what else to say so the end
East moline is a boring ass town. last night i walked around and threw firecrackers at random things with some buddies
by Balls mclongdong March 08, 2009
verbal diarrhea-
when someone just will not shut the fuck up
they are annoying and can't seem to keep their mouth closed
guy1- blah blah blah.. on and on annoying jibber jabber

guy 2 to 3- dude, that dude just won't shut his fuckin mouth
guy 3 to 2- mutha fucka's got verb-a-rhea
if he doesn't shut his mouth im 'bout to fuck it!(zach and miri make a porno)
by balls mclongdong March 09, 2009
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