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1. A fantastic sensation akin to "wonderful" but moreso associated with any number of angelic women named Wanda. Usually experienced during or after a sexual, or romantic encounter with any Wanda of your choice.

2. Word used to describe the euphoric bliss one feels when in the company of Wanda.
"Man, last night was amazing, and I must say I feel Wandaful!"
by Badda Bing-Badda Boom December 02, 2009
A dance, usually performed spontaneously, in which the legs are slightly bent and jerked alternately by straightening the knees suddenly, causing the feet to slide approximately 2 to 3 inches to the side or rear, and the arms and hands are freely thrown side to side, then drawn in toward the chest repeatedly while snapping the fingers in time to the beat. (Somewhat similar to "the Carlton")
When Robbie found out he was getting a case of beer for his birthday, he broke into the REDNECK SHUFFLE.
by Badda Bing-Badda Boom December 02, 2009
When one or more persons engage in the act of searching for bits of crack cocaine that may have been dropped, usually after the initial stash is gone. (See also CARPET SURFING)
ex: Lewis was at a RIGHT ANGLE soon after exhausting his supply of crack.
by Badda Bing-Badda Boom November 30, 2009

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