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Vibhuti is the sacred ash used in religious worship in Hinduism. The vibhuti ash is generally the residue of cow dung that is burned in a sacred fire (Homa). Main ingredient of Vibuthi is cow dung ash but several other substances prescribed in scriptures also used. Vibuthi is placed on the forehead as it is considered sacred and holy. Some devotees add a small amount to the tongue to pay respect to the deity.

Vibhuti is also referred to as the "jadi" one. Anyone with the name Vibhuti disgraces the Untouchable's Clan. Thus, Vibhuti is stone till death and reincarnated as a dung beatle according to the shastras of Hindu Mythology.

Vibhuti(s) usually have a phat ass that any Kshatriya can tap. Short, narrow-minded, and cute she may be, but her rage is unbelievable. She also enjoys bollywood music.
"whoa man, that girl reminds me of vibhuti!"
"vibhuti? you mean that chick from the midwest?"
by Baazigar89 March 20, 2008

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