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The last name of a family consisting of divorced parents and 4 children.

Robert - Born Nov. 11, 1981. Robert was born in Montgomery, Alabama and lives in Chicago, Illinois with his live-in girlfriend Jesse. Robert is a successful waitor in a nice restaurant and has carved out a very respectable niche in this world.

Beth - Beth was born October 6, 1983 in Montgomery, Alabama and currently resides in a correctional institute in Okaloosa County, Florida due to her problem with abiding by the probation laws in the state. She was originally arrested on charges of criminal child neglect and excessive use of illegal narcotics. She has three sons who live with their grandmother on their mother's side.

Jon - Jon was born July 27, 1985 in Montgomery, Alabama but currently resides in Jacksonville, NC. He is a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He too has carved out a respectable niche in the world. He has two daughters.

Megan - Born July 27, 1985 in Montgomery, Alabama and resides in Baker, Florida. Megan is in college and married to a man she is VERY lucky to have. They have two sons. Megan is on the right track to a successful life.
Those Tabb's sure are crazy!
by B-Ryan The D November 11, 2008

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