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None of the Azerbaijan definitions on this website are actually accurate and correct ones. Most of them are either slanderous or were written by Azerbaijanis themselves so they could cover up THE REAL TRUTH. Azerbaijan is a country situated in the southern Caucasus mountains. It's one of the three countries in the world (along with Turkey and the U.S.) whose entire territory is stolen. Azerbaijan is filled with bribes, bootlegged DVDs and hairy women. Practically all of Azerbaijan, except for a tiny portion of it, belongs to the Armenians. There was a recent war in the de facto region known as "Nagorno-Karabakh" for control of the region, and Armenia not only won the war, but they demolished the Azeris by a 7:1 casualty rate.

There have been several "Fuck Armenia" videos leaked on the internet where Azerbaijani turds savagely attack Armenians for no apparent reason, and consider themselves "superior" to them. Economically, the country is in a deep hole. Politically, it's the same. Azerbaijan is predominately a Muslim country, and along with being Muslims, they preach to others about how Muslims are superior to everyone else.
Azerbaijan turd: man we're the best FUCK ARMENIA we are Muslims meaning we're the best!

Me: no you're not. You're just a turd who has too much pride in that shit hole called Azerbaijan...
by Azerbaijanis June 07, 2010

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