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1. The idea that all the Ph.D. scientists on the planet, who actually spent 10-30 years of their lives getting an education in science and making real discoveries, are intellectually inferior and biased in comparison to 14- to 18-year-old impressionable christian youths and sexually frustrated right-wingers who barely graduated from high school who easily fall for hoaxes which are assumed to be "evidence" for bible literalism and against the rest of science.

2. A conspiracy theory which suggests that all the scientists on the planet are corroborating on a scheme to turn the public away from their belief in God via the theory of evolution (not only atheist scientists, but Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu scientists are in on this anti-God scheme; go figure). Of course, like all conspiracy theories, you will be accused of being naive by the paranoid masses if you happen to use your brain and actually think about how it's not only impossible for thousands of people to be in on a lie without a single one of them having the scruples to come forward and expose said lie, but also impossible for snakes to talk.
1. Creationist: "Did you know Darwin recanted evolution on his deathbed? That proves evolution is wrong and creationism is true!"
Someone who doesn't have his head up his own ass: "That claim was refuted over 100 years ago. And you wonder why scientists don't take you morons seriously?"

2. Creationist: "What? You mean you DON'T believe in fire-breathing dragons and a global flood which has no evidence? You mean you actually believe what scientists say about science and not my pastor? What's wrong with you? Well don't worry, I'll pray for you."
by Awesome Dog August 12, 2008

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