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A Robert is an extremely nice and sweet person. He makes an awesome best friend and wingman. He also has a lot of dorky nick names that his friends unfortunately give him. Robert is easy to talk to, easy get along with and easy to love. He is extremely lazy, funny and always comes up with hilarious catch phrases that make you laugh. When you really get to know a Robert, you'll learn that he will put the ones he cares about before himself. He is a great listener, has good advice, and always knows what to say at the right time. Even though he gives great advice, he can rarely ever take his own. Robert's tend to have a lot of friends from all kinds of social groups, and also hangs out with a lot of attractive girls. Although Robert is sweet and has plenty of friends that are girls, he usually has trouble finding the right girl for him. When having Robert as a best friend, consider yourself very lucky because he is awesome and will always be there for you no matter what.
You sir look like the inside of a nose.

Robert: Wow that's das racist!!
Fabian: What does that mean?
Robert: It means more racist.
by Awesome 2530 March 21, 2012

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