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Contrary to being synonymous with traveller, where I'm from 'pikeys' are basically nothing more than worthless pieces of shit. They can be instantly identified due to their sporting of 'designer' tracksuit gear, gold jewellery about ten sizes too big worn anywhere physically possible on the body, and the mandatory 45-degree tilted baseball headwear to cap it all (no pun intended, this is too shameful). Pikeys are very rarely seen in groups of less than 10, and upon gathering in such gangs they proceed to dominate the footpath (or rather the road, considering they probably don't know what a footpath is), staring down anyone within a good forty yards and in doing so hurling a flurry of verbal abuse their way made completely intranslatable but for the inevitable cropping up of words such as 'fuck' and 'wanker'.
These despicable excuses for human beings are occasionally restricted to groups of 5, 6, or possibly 7, depending on how many of them can fit in the back of an alloyed piece-of-shit car doing endless wheelies in car parks whilst blasting out the latest fake-ass drum'n'bass/garage/R'n'B SHITE through a 400-watt woofer turned up to 11.
I won't go into much more detail, because it's not worth my time. Put it this way, pikeys will do almost anything to start trouble, ranging from targeting you for being in the same street as them to claiming you said something (anything) to them when they know damn well you didn't. In groups, they are best avoided full stop, but if passing them on their own or in twos or threes (if you're lucky enough to ever catch them that way), just don't draw any undue attention to yourself and avoid looking at them at all, and with any luck they'll do what they should be required by law to do and keep it shut. My advice though: if you really can't stand these people (and I wouldn't blame you), please do your utmost to emigrate to a country where one would hope the grass is greener.
Typical pikey greetings:
"What the fuck you starin' at?"
"I'll smash y'eddin, buoy"
"Got a light?"
"Serve 'im up innit (bruv)"
by Atsn November 25, 2005

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