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This critically acclaimed and book (also referred to as "The Holy Bible") is one of the all-time bestselling science fiction/fantasy/bullshit novels. It has even sold more copies than Harry Potter, making it the most successful work of fiction ever. The book follows the chronology and adventures of "God", a seemingly omnipotent and ubiquitous fellow. This book has been highly controversial, as it is involves murder, rape, incest, and other sorts of epic shit. It has been so successful that it has even managed to garner its own cult following (for some reason calling themselves "Christians"). Many gullible dumbfucks have referred to this book as a scripture of their "religion", whatever the hell that is. It is believed that "God" created the universe with no other reason than to play a game of "The Sims" against his brother-in-law turned arch-nemesis, Satan.

Strangely, as well as being the bestselling work of fiction, it is also one of the most critically panned pieces of shit ever; it has gained notoriety for having been given a -28% approval rating by Rotten Tomatoes, and the only thing on their site labeled "utter buffalo shit".
Bob: Hey, did you read the new book, "The Holy Bible"? More like "The Holy Shit This Sucks Monkey-Fuck Bible". It sucked hard. Sucked ass through a straw. It was like fuckballs dipped in chocolate. It was like puke up a donkey's ass. What a shitload of motherfucking bullfuck! I'd rather eat snot and diarrhea vomited out of a buffalo's dick. This thing is such a piece of fuckin' shit. Yeah, you're better off fucking shit than fucking with this fucked-up shit. You don't know shit about how fucking shitty thing fucking shit is. It's so bad it sucks. It's so fucking suck it fucks!

Assfuck "Christian": That book isn't new, it's been around for thousands of years, you shitpie!

Bob: Really?

Assfuck "Christian": YES! It's THE BIBLE! MY RELIGION!

Bob: Jesus fucking H. Christ! W'th'fuck'sa religion?
by Arty Foul August 13, 2008

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