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3 definitions by Arnold Wells

Is a middle eastern person, can also be used to mock there native language.

OO like boo without the B
Ka like Ka-trina without Trina
doo is like boo but with a d instead
ka like Katrina again
if a Somalian starts flippin out on u in his native tongue then I just say "well ooka dooka" to u 2 pal.

I hope the Ooka Dookas dont get offended for this im not racist. :P

by Arnold Wells January 02, 2008
10 7
Someone that sleeps around alot. A whore. Has sex with tons of different partners. Easily A hooker/prostitute/HO
"O my god you slept with her?!? I hope you wore a hat cause that bitch is so slimy, she probaly has the funk.

She is so slimy. she probally has the secret of the ooze
by Arnold Wells January 02, 2008
40 38
another word for a STD, mostly referring to the kind that puss and ooze during breakouts, and other nasty shit
now she has the secret of the ooze.
by Arnold Wells January 02, 2008
14 21