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An expression used in AIM conversations. Though technically meaning "be right back", it is more commonly used as an excuse to leave a conversation with a person you don't want to talk to anymore.
catluver00003: so how many cats do you have??????
joexx: brb
by Arabella Quag May 18, 2008
The emo main character of the infamous Harry Potter book series by JK Rowling. Potter spends the majority of his time whining and complaining about various obstacles he must face. If wizards had ipods, his favorite band would be Fall Out Boy (or Simple Plan). He also carries quite a large ego, what with being the fated saver of the world and all. This makes him ubiquitously appealing to similarly minded readers everywhere, while also drawing criticism from others.
Potter is also a discriminatory censurer of the house of Slytherin and its occupants as well as the society of muggles (maybe if the wizards trusted muggles they wouldn't seem so stupid and ignorant!).
Potter is also the creator of the most beautiful and amazing child's name known to date, Albus Severus. AS is slated to be the most popular baby name for 2008.
I saw Harry Potter getting his head deflated by Madame Pomfrey at St. Mungo's last week!
by Arabella Quag May 11, 2008

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