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Romania is a country bordered by Hungary to the west, Bulgaria to the south, Moldolva to the east and Ukraine to the north. It also borders part of the former Yugoslavia.

Romanians are by and large under the control of the Orthodox Church. They give all their money (except what they buy beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets with) to priests to build huge, wasteful cathedrals.

Romanians are also afraid of having any two windows open which might cause a draft ("curent") which they say causes death and other illnesses. Romanians would rather die than be exposed to the curent. They also have to stay inside overnight any time they take a shower, and not go out for at least 12 hours or they will die.

Romanians have dogs which they leave cooped up in the back yard all the time, never letting them out, causing them to bark and bark all night and keep everybody up. But it doesn't matter because a Romanian thinks only of himself.

They also like to smoke and toss their cigarettes onto the ground.

The gypsies used to say dati-mi cin sute de lei but later started saying dati-mi o mia de lei.

25 different castles all claim to be Dracula's castle, and the McDonald's have only McToast for breakfast.
That man is from Romania
by Antonescu August 09, 2007
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