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Ok, to all the noobs who say Windows is crap. Fuck you. There are many reasons why windows isn't crap.

1) I've used Windows for 6 years and never once did I get this constant error crap and it DOES WORK!!!!!
2) If you think only Clippy is annoying, then fucking change it! Even a 5 year old can figure that out.
3) Why don't YOU try getting a copy of a good game for Macintosh!?
4) All those Windows simulators on the web are funny but FUCKING FALSE!!!! No, Bill Gates doesn't send you mail. You know how many crap he gets on Outlook every day? 4 million at least.
5) So some of the programs suck. INSTALL NEW ONES, GODDAMNIT!
6) Blue screen errors only happen if it is REALLY serious. Not when you just open the C: drive and then boom. Blue screen. That shit is a damn lie that only assholes believe.

And finally...

7) DOS sucks.

And that's my two cents on Windows.
N00b: Dude, I just got Windows and it sucks. I keep getting blue screens.
Guy: No you don't.
N00b: Uh...yes I do fuck you lololololol.
Guy: So suggest a better one.
N00b: Uh...um...DOS?
Guy: Die, bitch.

*Guy shoots noob with a rocket launcher repeatedly*
by Anti-Noob patrol March 30, 2006
Only happens when things get real serious. Like a system overload, or when you download a corrupted file. Not this 'click one button and it happens' crap, or this 'Hey I was just browsing for a few minutes and boom! It flashed up!' shit. You guys are so stupid.
Asshole: Hey you! Help! The blue screen of death just popped up.
Guy: That's not a blue screen, that's just your desktop.
Asshole: No, because I was just browsing and then it flashed up.
Guy: N00b.
Asshole: I AM NOT!
Guy: Then suggest a better system.
Asshole: Uh...Linux?

*Guy smashes a guitar over the asshole's head*
by Anti-Noob patrol March 30, 2006

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