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2 definitions by Anthony pangilinan

the mode the band van halen gets in before the show esp alex van halen bosephus is refered as the nickname for hank williams jr the mode is usually full of goofy funny stuff they do in the dressing room
hey man i saw that mtv unleashed special on mtv and van halen went into bosephus mode right before the show
by anthony pangilinan February 17, 2008
11 2
The name of eddie van halens first guitar he made it first had black and white stripes but then he painted red white and black stripes the body is by charvel and over the years he did different color schemes on it different bodies and more he now uses a signature peavey wolfgang he named after his son but the frankenstein still remains one of his most legendary guitars
i bought that signature frankenstein replica for 25,000!!!
by Anthony pangilinan February 16, 2008
19 14