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The kkk is a white, christian organization in which their belief is to purge the world of blacks. Spawned by the essense of the slavery issue,it is fueled by many racist propoganda and slurs to degrede blacks - SEE SAMBO OR Nigglets, Beasts and Mambo- in forms of cartoons primarily. These cartoons infiltrated the innocence of children, altering their perception of blacks. KKK members did not believe that killing, maiming and torchuring thousands of blacks were ungodly, not so much wrong. The highest ranking KKK members wore green, to distinguish itself from other members. Funny how the symbolic link between white robes and white supremacy is not linked in the green robes. Sambo in a popular cartoon today - Dragon Ball Z.
A high ranking KKK member.propoganda. Seemingly righteous and justified, this reverse propoganda aids in the concealment of sins committed by the KKK and ultimately hamstrings our compensation.
A high ranking KKK member.
by Anthony Toorie November 13, 2006

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