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2 definitions by Antee

Combo of hiss and disgust. Sound one makes when there skin is crawling because of someone or someone's action.
Scarey Carey: Before I got here I tipped over some old bitch in a wheelchair and stole her purse.

Me:AAAAGGGH, YUCK (hissgust sounds) Later loser boozer slut.
by Antee September 05, 2009
Combo of mad and attitude with a slant on dude! Angry honorable man's attiitude about drug dealers, child abusers and lazy assholes. Generally angry and unhappy with a sleazy approach to life, character and moral weakness.
Ed: Man, did you see Rocky go off on that guy that was begging?

Angela: Yeah, DUH...it's his madadude coming out. He'll go for the windshield guy but healthy and asking for bucks, plez!
by Antee September 05, 2009