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2 definitions by Anse Bundren

When a young man (aka. indie rocker who would otherwise be standing with his hands in his pockets or tapping his foot lightly while doing a slight head bob) puts his arms around his significant other and then stands with his legs apart as if to ward off wild wolves (but actually to "lay claim" * to his significant other).

*Note: The use of the "boyfriend protector" is a phallocentric gesture.
Bif: "Jeez, look at that mo-fo putting tha boyfriend protector on his lady."

Gordo: "Ugh. I hope he dies."
by Anse Bundren October 02, 2009
The person who paints the double yellow lines down the middle of the road.
Gordo: "Hey Bif, you ever think about who puts the lines in the middle of the road?"

Bif: "Oh, you mean the midliner."
by Anse Bundren October 05, 2009