1 definition by Animus Argentis

Someone who is just completely terrible at something... Sports, for example. Can't play, misses the ball all the time, scores numerous points for the other team. Usually a nice guy, moderately intelligent and good natured; you just don't want him on your team. A curse will follow you should he be placed there.

Prone to making bets he can't win.

Can normally be spotted with loud laughter and talking good natured smack.
Guy 1: Man... They got a killer team.

Guy 2: That MAY be true... But... Check out center field. He's a total Evans.

Guy 1: Ahahaha... Good eye.


Guy 1: *Leaps for ball, misses, eats dirt*

Guy 2: I knew you were an Evans. We're soooo going to lose.


Guy 1: You hear that guy makin bets and talkin' smack earlier? Sounded pretty serious.

Guy 2: *waves hand* Don't worry I know the guy, he's a total Evans.

Guy 3: Yeah, totally.

Guy 1: Cool cool. Thought he might be, but he had me sweatin' for a minute.
by Animus Argentis December 20, 2009

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