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The first black sorority founded in 1908 at Howard University. Although the founding members intentions were good, the sorority quickly deteriorated into a social club. Fortunately in the year 1913, some revolutionary members of the undergrad chapter broke away from AKA and formed Delta Sigma Theta. Because of those inspiring 22 women, Delta Sigma Theta has gone on to be the most influential and prominent black sorority in the world. Continuing to promote scholarship, sisterhood and service ever since. As for AKA, their organization has never recovered from that DevaStaTing day on January 13, 1913.
AKA: Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first and BEST sorority, DST is just a cheap knock-off! *flips hair*

Delta: But what have ya'll done lately?

AKA: *silence*

Delta: That's what I thought *walks off*
by AngelWingz August 03, 2011

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