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A 400 year old region in the northeastern United States named after England (no shit!).

It contains the states of Massachusetts (the cultural heart of the region), Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. New England is hilly and verdant and full of old-growth forests. Massachusetts has its baseball, Rhode Island has its beaches, Maine has its lobster, New Hampshire has its cows, and Vermont has its skiing.

Perhaps Connecticut USED to be a part of New England, but now its just "New" New Jersey -- complete with big-haired soccer moms, guidos with gelled up hair, gaudy "mcmansion" subdivisions, Yankees and Giants fans, vast parking lots, garbage dumps, strip malls, NYC rail stations, and rivers of raw sewage. Connecticut is far from the green pastures (literally) of the true New England.

Unlike the New Yorkish Connecticut people, real New Englanders pride themselves in being modest, educated, and making yummy clam chowdah. They also take great pride in their sports teams.
From an actual Boston area radio show transcript (talking about politics in New England):

"...let's be real Connecticut, is part of New York not New England."
by Andrew McGuiness August 12, 2009

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