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One of two bumbling, fumbling, rambling, and gambling Fool's who are known ipso facto as The Idiota's. Frequently engaging in sexy, violent, and more than dangerous situations, interactinos, intoxications, and varying degrees of anti-societal infractions, induced by their own endearing & ever-growing philosophies on 'fuck-all Life, what the fuck, etc...is it, am I, etc...etc's.

One of two people who should've never met, but from opposite ends of the earth were made to, by Chance and Fate, learn to soar while falling far, on high, by God, challenging Death and in fact, laughing at it's face, spitting on Death's grave dug by their own self-driven Way's: engraving, inking, filming, stamping, and often pissing on their territory (which is the entire World, no doubt) in order to chaotically spread Love and righteous infidelities wheresoever they choose.

Gnarly, unhealthily beautiful, dangerously intelligent, and thundering dude's that act a fool too often, and are blessed regardless, though not special.
We're such fucking Idiota's! *high five*, *gulp*, *dissappearing with a girl somewhere*.

Yo, Idiota, how the hell did you manage to get her?

Fuck you Idiota, get the fuck out; wait, come back.

Where the fuck is that Idiota? - Probably dead. Surprisngly not.

Stupid Idiota, still doing Idiota things...
by Anatolios Altair August 05, 2011

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