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A well known seductress of Taiwanese origin, known for her willingness to try new things. Among many, many, other things, Philoma is known to have a liking for weeping Russian Dragon Tears, wearing the Taiwanese Space Helmet, receiving the Armenian Noodle Drip, riding the good 'ol Singapore Subway, walking down the Chicago Concrete Jungle, and partaking in a Japanese Devil Dog. The worst thing about it all is Philoma is not a fan of condoms, she prefers to go to the Oakland Soup Kitchen.
I can't use the bathroom, I forgot how to after being with Philoma for so long.
by Anaconda99 April 12, 2008
Eating a bunch of laxatives to induce diarrhea. Then diarrhea shitting in a condom. Using the condom to fuck another man (or woman), then sharing the after-sex residue in the said condom with the individual that got laid. The condom can be replaced with a plastic bag if necessary. In cases of true love, it is possible for two lovers to Dirty Philo each other.
Ironically, Nils and his lover, Charlie the Cowboy showered together after Dirty Philoing each other.
by Anaconda99 February 14, 2009
A large, large dick. Typically longer than 12 inches. Reminds people of Anaconda.
Sylvie ran for cover when she saw Prashant's hugecumber. It was reminiscent of a scene from the movie Anaconda.
by Anaconda99 April 12, 2008

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