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The twitter equivalent of nightblogging. You could call it night tweeting, but since owls are out at night rather than birds that tweet, hooting would be a more appropriate term.
"Did you see Jenny's ridiculous tweets from last night? I almost thought I was on tumblr witnessing the nightblogging."
"Yeah, it was pretty late. After a certain hour she tends to start hooting."
by anachronism JN May 29, 2013
When a guy has an unhealthy obsession with a girl, particularly one who does not love him back, but that obsession disappears the moment he sees another pretty girl and becomes obsessed with her instead.

Named after Romeo from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, because Romeo was in love with a girl named Rosaline, but forgot all about her the moment he saw Juliet.
Jason is obsessed with a new girl every few weeks. He has such a Romeo complex.
by Anachronism JN April 12, 2011

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