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Parsippany: Par-sip-penny- A municipality located in central eastern Morris County in Northern New Jersey. Many different ethnicities reside in the town, deriving from the fruitful job offerings such as McDonalds, various office complexes in the town, and Howards Bagels in another section of town called Lake Hiawatha. Happening places include the Quick Chek in Lake Hiawatha, the woods behind Quick Chek, Volunteer's Park, and the other bountiful places in this town that you can kick back and enjoy yourself. Common sites around the town include the notorious "hard-life" parsippany Whigger, a Rastafari gentleman widely known as "Mix", the town Enforcer "Artie", and various other community enscribings like "C-MINE", "Baint", "Tony Hawk", "Fetus", and "Juan Pubic". These are a popular site to be seen around the town and are everywhere you look. Local hoodlums scribble these messages in various public places, such as the Quick Chek parking lot and the park.

Cops in Parsippany are pretty cool. Half the time, they'll come to Quick Chek to hang out while they're on duty and tell you stories of some messed up individuals here. People are friendly, the homes are nice, the grass is green if you know what I mean and the birds are always chirping and gay.
Dude, where you from?

Parsippany man, you from Montville?


Cool I guess, let's go to the Quick Chek in town, I hear C-MINE is there.

by An LHer September 30, 2007
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