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A depraved and perverse encounter in men's public toilets, closely related to 'dogging', whereby a 'Djenter' would enjoy watching other males relieve themselves in a public convenience, often taking sexual gratification from the experience. A 'Djenter' can often be spotted with the knee areas of corderoy pants balding from excessive palm wear, and have an unhealthy interest in mathematics. Djenters often have poor handwriting, which lead to illegible signatures.

Known Djenters: Paul 'Chimp Spanner' Ortiz, Acle Kahney, James Monteith, Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, Alex Bois, Fredrik Thordendal, Marten Hagstrom, Joe Duplantier, Christian Andreu, Aaron Smith, Sean Alf, Olly Steele, Nano Sigo, and many more ...
"Do you like Djenting?"
"Excuse me, I just need to go for a Djent."
"Look at that guy, he's a right Djent."
"Hey, you better not be Djenting in there."
"Djenting is 'On a matter of Pee-er..."
"Djent djentdjent djent djent djent djentdjent djent djentdjentdjent djent ... etc.,"
by An English Djentleman August 16, 2011

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