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an arab or a chaldean, used to say homeboy, or buddy, friend
wadup camel

nm u nigga
by Amro June 08, 2005
a gun, any kind of gun, due to shots going off, the gun tends to get hot, so they call it a heater caz you put it in your pants when u done
yo i know this nigga that brought out his heater and shot 2 shots up in the air
by Amro June 08, 2005
non-plural form of being a dumbasses or just plain retarted like Antonio
Antonio, "Hey whats up..."

Amro, "Nm Jc BitChes"
by amro October 12, 2004
a gun, tends to get hot, so when you see the toaster that mean you toast, also when your done, you put it in your jeans, tends to warm up your pants, toaster
yo this nigga pulled out his toaster n fired on this bitch that fucked wit him
by Amro June 08, 2005

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