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An atheist who attempts to mask his/her deep-rooted feelings of intellectual inadequacy by referring to theists as "religiotards" or "creatards."

An atheist, athei-ag, Latheist or athe-head who thinks (quite stupidly) that it's cool to bully theists and call them names.

A mean-spirited atheist who makes it his/her life mission to make theists as miserable as he/she is.
Noun: Atheitard, Atheitards

"The typical atheitard is a bitter, hateful, contemptuous anti-theist bigot."
by AmiraBintYhwh March 23, 2013
A layman atheist.

An atheist who lacks philosophical, scientific, or historical knowledge, but still attempts to claim the intellectual highground over and above theists.

Latheists often make anti-theist videos on YouTube that are full of logical fallacies, scientific errors, and philosophically vacuous arguments against theism.

A smug, yet ignorant, atheist or agnostic.

by AmiraBintYhwh February 16, 2013
Someone who wants to espouse atheism, but retreats to agnosticism whenever his atheistic views are challeged.

A closet atheist who claims to be agnostic in order to escape having to defend his atheistic beliefs using logic and reason.

by AmiraBintYhwh February 16, 2013
A fundamentalist atheist fanatic.

A person who strongly believes that atheism is accurate and correct despite the fact that there is no evidence for such a belief.

by AmiraBintYhwh February 16, 2013
A smug, strident, hypocritical atheist who demands proof and evidence of God's existence while cowering behind the disingenuous label of "agnosticism" to avoid his/her own burden of proof.

A weak, cowardly, closeted atheist.
Noun: Fagnostic, Fagnostics, Fagnosticism
Adjective: Fagnostic, Fagnosticized

"Anti-theist, fagnostic bigots."
"Friends don't let friends get fagnosticized."
"This is your brain on Fagnosticism... Any questions?"
by AmiraBintYhwh March 23, 2013

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