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a poser "punk" band from SoCal that thinks that saying "fuck" 300 times in a song really makes them "grown up" and "tough". They are neither, and they ain't punk in the least. They started hitting the big time in the late 90s. Many of their songs are full of toilet humor. Their music is totally derivative and chumpy. Blink 182 sucks.
1. Blink 182 has songs with disgusting topics. "Fuck a Dog", and other tunes (like "Carousel - almost nothing but a string of profanities) should indicate to you a total lack of brains and maturity.

2. Carol sang out the lyrics to Blink 182's song "Carousel" in front of her parents. Ooooh, she thinks she's so rebellious! She's only looking like a fool.
by American TV watcher November 06, 2007
basically, he's a wise man, a seer, a sage, maybe a prophet. He has great knowledge and great wisdom, much of it attained through experience. He may have a connection with God.
When you make your secret journey, you will be a holy man.
The Police
by American TV watcher November 06, 2007
"Idahog" is a slang term for an Idaho girl, some of which are quite homely. There are very few young adult chicks in many Idaho towns, as many of them after they grow up pack up and seek their fortunes elsewhere.
Greg was on a cross-country vacation tour of the nation and one night he stayed in Pocatello. He went to Freddy's bar and picked up a girl because he "had to have his action" that night. He thought, "She's an Idahog, but she'll do."
by American TV watcher November 06, 2007
a cream ale beer popular in the Midwest and beyond, brewed in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has an extreme skunky aroma when you open up the bottle. It tastes terrible, and it looks and smells like skunk piss.
Little Kings Cream Ale is a lousy brew. In the early 80s there was an ad for the piss brew on the radio that featured a catchy jingle by a band named Fandango.
by American TV watcher November 06, 2007

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