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The numerals spell it all. Zero economic opportunity after college, zero sence in the general public, cultural zeroes, zero understanding and tolerance, near zero entertainment, politicians with zero intelligence and zero scruples, hysteria, panic, hatred and witch hunt frenzy stirred up by political cretins and a sensationalistic zero IQ media (esp. TV news). It's the Decade of Duh.
1. 1999 turns into 1984 (the novel). Fanatics attack on 9/11 and a great panic ensues. Armchair warriors see war on TV 24/7. Fundie fanaticism (Christian and Muslim) flowers. Meanwhile the economy tanks and the U.S. Constitution is used as toilet paper. Talking heads on TV toss in trashy celebrity stories to distract viewers. This turns America into a Masturbation Nation.

2. Reality TV becomes the opiate of the masses.

3. Anybody who stands near a flag, pretends to pray in public, holds up a cross, talks of "family values" or boasts of kickin' ass is venerated by the masses.

NBC reporter: Mr. Bush, who is your favorite philosopher?

W: Uhhhh - Jesus Christ!


4. Rock'n'roll is long dead by 2000. However, some newer bands that recently released albums like *Stella, Spinerette, the Plasticines, Datarock and the Ravionettes hint that rock may be coming back to life as this ugly decade ends. Lord I hope so.

5. Let's be honest. How many females have become famous for their intelligence or talents in anything during the past 10 years? Cross your legs, shake your ass, put on a seductive "fuck-me-honey" air about you. Then you're a star. It's the Decade of Dumb Ditzy Dolls. The Season of the Bitch. Whatever happened to gender equality and respect?

6.This nightmarish decade of lying, corruption, hate, arrogance, neglect and stupidity - the 00s - I AIN'T GONNA MISS IT. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
by American Seer December 12, 2009
a political catch phrase that gives news media boobs like those in CNN and FOX News something to package up and present as entertainment for the armchair warriors to watch on TV and cheer while the economy continues its decline unnoticed.
1. the phrase "war on terror" was used by some Congress members when Libya and the United States forces were fighting in 1986. The Libyan government was accused of orchestrating terrorist attacks all around the Mediterrean Sea, the Middle East and Europe.

2. when Bill Clinton launched missile attacks against al-Qaida bases in Afghanistan and the Sudan in 1998, the term "war on terror" was also used.

3. after the horrible 9/11 attacks the term "war on terror" was used once again, this time George W. Bush said it.

4. Come to think of it, with the various definitions of "terror" maybe there's always been a War On Terror thruout most of history. Fancy cutesy-wutsey terms boost ratings and sell papers. After all, we've had a "War On Drugs", the Cold War ended in 1989, and when I was in the San Francisco Bay area the mayor launched her "War On Graffiti". Then lately some fundies griped about a "War On Christmas" that really ain't happening. Makes certain people look good, I guess. Give me a buzz when the war ends in victory. I'm outta here.
by American Seer April 20, 2009
1. nonsence, hogwash, bilge, absolute bull, a waste of time and/or money, a sham. It's bogus - totally. Sometimes referred to as a "crock of crap" or a "crock of shit".

2. a container, such as a pot or kettle. This type of vessel is often used for cooking or washing or concocting or mixing.

3. brand name for a certain type of electric cooking pot that will cook delicious meals for during the day while you are occupied with other things. Just stir the food up every once in a while. Versatility and technology together!
1. You call yourself a Christ-i-an. I think you're a hypocrite. You call yourself a patriot. Well I say you're a crock of shit. - Mick Jagger

Take THAT, neo-cons!

2. Bubble bubble toil and trouble. The three witches in MacBeth are stirring up their gunk in a steaming crock.

3. Phillip's suculent pot roast dinner was waiting for him in the Crock Pot when he came home from work.
by American Seer March 26, 2010
It's an abbreiation for the phrase "Ultimate Mind Fuck". It can have 2 possible meanings:

1. when 2 people unite mentally as well as physically during sex. This is implicated in the 1993 song "UMF" by Duran Duran. The terms "UMF" and "Ultimate Mind Fuck" are not in the lyrics.

2. brainwash, mass deceit, censorship, when several people (as in a cult or an entire nation) are mentally manipulated and hoodwinked and led astray by propaganda, corruption and outright lies and absolute bullshit.
1. Renee and Angela made love last night and experienced union in body and mind. They shared the UMF.

2. In the 90s decade there was a lot of New Age "solutions", shilling evangelists, superstitions, comet cult suicides, Y2K hysteria and other end-of-the-millenium bullshit. Then came the 00s with all its corruption, stupidity and shit and the Iraq war circus. That's one major UMF after another!
by American Seer January 25, 2011
Lemme see. Less than 2 years as a guv, and that makes Sarah qualified to be a Vice-President and maybe President of the U.S.A.. Her election loss shows that maybe some people are starting to use their heads and not their dicks. Just because some female looks good and strikes a pose with a fuck me honey look doesn't mean that she has a brain or good intentions.
Sarah Palin recently told the media to leave her children alone. Yet last fall she exploited them for her campaign (this "family values" crap - most politicians do this!), one of her daughters is a teen pregnancy case, her husband (or some other relative) possibly wanted Alaska to secede , on and on. I'm "pro-hunting" (and FYI, ex-Pres Bill Clinton hunts too) but it's wrong to kill animals if you don't utilize them for food, furs, etc. Killing caribou with a gat while hanging from a chopper is just plain reckless, wasteful, and stupid. She's in a fundamentalist cult that thinks mankind co-existed with the dinosaurs 4000 years ago. The Bible says that God doesn't work on OUR time or OUR calendars! Check out the science books. The Flintstones it ain't. They think that gay people can be "cured" of their sexual orientation (just ask a homosexual about that). She wants to allow oil drilling in the Arctic, never mind the Eskimos and polar bears. She's too dumb to believe in global warming. So many corrupt deeds, so many skeletons in the closet. Doesn't know that Africa is a continent. Bloggers call her "MILF", "GILF", "VPILF", oh WTF? She poses like Sharon Stone with her legs crossed but she's not holding a cigaret. John McCain is a decent, respectable war hero but he aligned himself with Christian Reich pukeheads who are not his friends. He was smart to disassociate himself apart from the violent white trash riff-raff who were at some of his rallies who were demanding that Obama be hung (they said he's a "terrorist" and an "Arab" (!)). Yet Sarah blabbed that "Obama is in cahoots with terrorists". She's a dumdum with no class. McCain might've been an alright President but he relied on the WRONG PEOPLE for support. Sarah is just a

Dumb girl! Dum dum dum

The girl is STUPID AS CAN BE!

Every time she flaps her yap, out comes the crap. Just like Ann Coulter. She's one real bad apple. She needs to STFU and go back to her cold igloo and stay!

John McCain is a Vietnam War HERO but Sarah Palin is an abosolute ZERO.
by American Seer February 01, 2009
another term for someone who is stupid beyond belief. Said person is so empty-headed it's a miracle that (s)he exists at all.
1. the 3 Stooges had an episode film that lampooned fascism, especially the Mussolini/Franco/Peron variety. They played a fascist junta and ruled "Moronica" with the jingoistic slogan "Moronica for the Morons".

2. A few yearsago Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was discussing his Wall tour and he detailed about how its message is still true today by saying that the Presidet (at that time it was Dumbya ) "is a moron". He's a Brit and he can see that! Roger also knows that Tony B. Liar also is a moron.

3. Marvin Hartley to George W. Bush:

You know what you are? You ain't nothing but a - oh you're too stupid to know what the word means - what you are rhymes with "boron".

George W. Bush (muttering to himself): boron, coron, doron, e-oron, foron, goron, horon, i-oron, joron, koron, loron, moron...

(now bellowing out) : MOMM-EE! MARVIN JUST CALLED ME A MORON!
by American Seer February 21, 2011
a condition where someone is so antsy, agitated and keyed up that (s)he gets so hyper as to fill the diaper, that is, to "shit your pants".
1. Listen to that stupid talk radio host! He's got another category of people this week he's telling lies about! He's getting hyper in the diaper again and he wants his followers to feel that way too and start a witch hunt. Someone needs to shut this stupid loudmouth up.

2. On them late night "infomercials" on TV the host often is hyper in the diaper and screams at you to call NOW!

3. Don't get so hyper in the diaper. You'll burst a blood vessel if you keep this up. Chill out!
by American Seer February 21, 2011

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