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With each new art movement is a rebellion against the previous one. Post-art is a rebellion against art itself.
There are too many artists. The supply has apexed the demand. Just like everyone shouldnt perform surgery, everyone shouldnt be an artist. This is for the modest artist who needs to overcome the charlatans, sans extreme self-promotion.

Don't judge the art, but rather the emotion of the potential artist. Are they willing to lose an ear for there art? Or suffer religious oppression? These are the Post-artists.
Charlatan: "come see my band."

Post-artist: "I hate music."
by Amdel November 24, 2005
A spoonerism and euphemism for "fucking nuts" where the 1st letters of each word are switched.
No I won't type an example, that's nucking futs.
by Amdel April 18, 2016
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